MMP Industrial Products, Aerosol and Contract Manufacture

MMP Industrial is the largest industrial & paint aerosol products and one of the largest Aerosol and Volumetric Chemical Companies in Australia. 

Our site has fourteen factories over eight acres, with 70 staff, and a full- time team of specialist Chemists whose expertise lies specifically with paint and Industrial Products formulations.

Our automotive brands are well known and stocked by all major automotive retailers, we have an extensive range of spray paints and colours.

We also contract manufacture for other companies, making products for some of the largest brands internationally.

Automotive Products

MMP make the automotive paint for some of the largest brands in Australia, you'll also find our known brands in most stockists of automotive products.

We manufacture automotive touch-up paint, engine degreasers, oil additives, coolants as well as a myriad of speciality automotive products.

Spray Paints

MMP is easily the largest Manufacturer of Aerosol Paints in Australia, making over half the Aerosol Paints made in this country.

Our products are used in a wide range of industries and include automotive, industrial spray paints and line marking paints.

Contract Manufacturing

MMP also contract manufacture for companies for whom the quality of their products, confidentiality and security of their Intellectual Property is of paramount importance.

We provide a complete service providing artwork, development of new products, manufacture and delivery.

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Premium Automotive Products

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Paints, household & gardening products

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Auto paint products

Auto paint products

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Touch Up Paint MMP Industrial


Available 32 Colour Varieties

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